How I Earned $1919 From My Side Hustle In Few Months

I composed this article to motivate some of you not to give up on your side hustle yet if you have not started making money from it. And if you have not started any side hustle , try and start.

Few years ago, I started blogging just for fun and not a side hustle , at that time I wasn't sure if what I was doing was a side hustle, I was just enjoying using the social blogging platform to share and comment on other people's blogs. Though I heard that some people were earning substantial income from blogging.

At that time I was into the copy and paste method if blogging whereby, I will go to the big news, entertainment site and copy their article and shared it on my blog which is against the rules of blogging. While I was doing that, my blog was just there, no any progress because I wasn't given more attention to it in terms of composing original article. So I stop blogging for a while.

During this time that I was  away from blogging, I took  time to study what other Professional bloggers were doing to grow their digital blogging platform and I also learn little about coding because as a blogger you need to have the basic knowledge of Coding to enable you make the best use of your blog.

When I came back to blogging after one year break, I decided to create a new blog this time, more careful about  what I write and begin creating original article and sharing it on my blog, then I begin to experience some progress  been original. Creating original article that provides solutions to the people.

My blog started growing in terms of google ranking and I begin to get  more traffic on my blog and then decided to monetize my blog like other bloggers and begin to earn some substantial income from my blog. People will try to bring you down by portraying that you are wasting your time just because you decide to provide a valuable information that can be beneficial to people.

Some will call you names like scammer, hungry blogger, lazy youth etc. Not knowing that blogging is like a business on its own. It is like  the normal way people go about doing their business. You must be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of your time to get result. Today I can gladly attest that I am among those who are earning from their side hustle. So far in few month I earned $1919 equivalent to N694,678 in Nigeria currency.

My advice to you guys is to be persistent in what ever legit business you do, continuity is key. It might not be Rosy at the begin but when you keep on pushing! " One day He go pay"

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