June Stipends Payment for Npower Beneficiaries 2019

N-Power Volunteers have started asking questions whether NPower officials will pay their June stipends on time this month because their May payment came in late. What we normally do here is to advice volunteers to always stay calm when it come to stipends payment because N-Power usual pay and this month will not be different.

Some people have started passing rumor around that the 2016 beneficiaries will stop receiving stipend this month. You are advised not to pass information that you are not sure about because N-Power have warned volunteers to stop listening to false information, if there are any update, they will share it on their official social medial channels first. So since Npower have not release any information of such nature, we advice you to stay calm. Hopefully, beneficiaries will received their stipends as when due.

Few days ago, N-Power released an updated advising volunteers to stay off NPowerMoni, a website that is claiming to providing loans for N-Power beneficiaries. In case you missed the update, read it here: Disclaimer - Disregard N-PowerMoni We Have Nothing To Do With It Says Npower

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