NPower Poll - Which Department In Community Police Would You Prefer To Serve If Ask To Choose

There were lots of reactions since FG confirmed that N-Power Volunteers would be use for community policing, Some see it as a good development while some are having mix feeling about about the whole thing. So we decided to create this poll looking at police organizational structure and department to find out your preference regarding department in community police you will like to serve if ask to choose from the poll option below:


  • Finance and Account
  • Planning, Research and Statistics
  • ICT Unit
  • Legal Services
  • Investigation
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Press and Public Relations Unit
  • Procurement Unit
  • Patrol Unit
  • Administration/Human Resources
  • Medical/health Unit
  • Education Unit

OR would you prefer to be send to other MDAs to pursue a career in the field you have gained experience rather than just getting any jobs, reflecting on N-power that ought to be the employability enhancement platform that it was created to be, vis a vis the objective of taking the graduates through the skill empowering drills, which should be to develop a capacity for careers, can we really say that the objective has been met if all N-Power volunteers are moved to community policing?

Lets hear your opinion on this matter through the comment section.

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  1. Press and Public Relations units

  2. Administration/ human resources

  3. I am wondering after over two years of training people and engaging them in agriculture and teaching and health, it is now to policing. I am a bit not getting it. I believe that those should be sent the related MDAs or ministries in which that resources have been spent on to equip them. My submission is that community policing is an indispensable need in Nigeria right now but volunteers that had gotten knowledge in their respective program should be engaged in their related MDAs. In all, I want to thank coordinators and all the team behind the desk on Npower to make a success so far.

  4. I would love to be in medical/health unit

  5. It is a welcome development. I will prefer to serve under medical/health unit.

  6. Press and public relations unit.

  7. Intelligence and investigation

  8. ICT is good for me as an Engineer

  9. Press and Public Relations Unit

  10. I choose ICT Unit as an Engineer

  11. I will prefare the ICT unit since N power did not specified area of decipline before engaging us , but here we can work in our area of specialty ..thank you coordinator and those behind the success of N power

  12. I prefer Educational unit. Thanks.

  13. I prefer Educational unit. Thanks

  14. I want to t ruely say thanks to the coordinators,it is a good development.As for me,I will like to be in press and public relations unit

  15. I prefer intelligence/investigation or maybe second choice is procurement


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