What Atiku Abubakar Said About Community Policing

Earlier today, the 2019 PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar reacted to the plan of the Federal Government and State governors in regard to establishing community police.

According to Atiku Abubakar,  when I was a child, Nigeria had little crime. We did not depend on police from Lagos or Kaduna. We had a community police system. Nigeria must return to community policing, adapted to suit the culture and history of each of the 6 zones, in order to stem the tide of insecurity.

Our response to the killings of our citizens cannot be just talk, talk, and talk. We must take decisive action to protect the lives of all citizens, not just prominent ones. There has to be change, because if we continue with the way things are, we will get the same results

The plan of the Federal Government is to recruit 500,000 Npower volunteers into the community police to support police in tackling insecurity and maintaining law and order.

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