Present Status Of Engagement For Npower Batch A 2016 Volunteers

This information was released by Kaduna State NSIP Focal Person on the 25th June 2019 and we believed that it applied to other States. Read below:

You may wish to recall that the first batch of volunteers batch A have completed their two years agreed period of engagement and were due for disengagement by November 2018. However, a 6 month extension period of engagement "N-Power enhancement" was granted to enable them continue their assignment in their various places of primary assignment.

You may also wish to be informed that the period of extension expired may 2019. However, the National office has directed the State Focal Persons to inform the affected volunteers to continue their primary assignment pending when they will be directed otherwise.

In view of this, you are requested to inform all Batch A Volunteers still active in the Programme to continue their engagement in the capacity of N-Power volunteers while this office requests you to forward names of volunteers who have voluntarily disengaged from the Programme for further action. From the Focal Person NSIP Kaduna

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