Questions NPower Answered About Exit Package That Will Excite You

So N-Power shared an update on their Social Media channels yesterday in regards to what the volunteers does in their communities and many questions followed up from beneficiaries of the programme. Read the update below:

Let us tell you a little about N-Power. N-Power is about skilling and providing work experiences (in some instances) for young Nigerians. It is a programme that covers the different aspects of society. Beneficiaries learn and in turn provide value in their various communities.

So whether they are manning unmanned classrooms, acting as health or agriculture extension advisors, fixing your devices, learning software, fixing your automobiles, carpentry or becoming animators, voice-actors, scriptwriters or post-production experts, you can be sure there is an N-Power Beneficiary in your community providing immeasurable value.

Some of the graduate volunteers asked Npower various questions regarding their exit package and the so much talked about community policing. Below is how N-Power team reacted.

1) Aaron Toyin asked:Is this a permanent job and pensionable? Who is the employer? Federal Government, State Government or local government. N-Power answered Permanent/Pensionable FG employees.

2) Isaac Ayotunde asked: Congratulations we are finally empowered and N-Power responded that employed not empowered again.

3) Becky Ngozi asked: How will the payment looks like? Federal or State? N-Power replied saying Yes! Security is exclusively reserved for FG.

4) Iqwe Ifeanyi Patrick asked: For only batch A or for both batches? And N-Power responded saying both.

5) Usman Shaibu asked: Good news but what about the salary, is it still the 30k? and N-Power said No.

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