NPower Volunteers Lament Over Delay In July Stipends Payment

Beneficiaries of the Federal government social investment program, Npower have expressed their displeasure over the delay in the payment of their July stipends. July stipends payment always get delay, findings has shown that last year payment of July stipend was paid on 16th of August and August stipend was also paid 31st August and is as if history is about to repeat itself again, let's hope for NPower to pay July Stipends today or tomorrow. Try to reflect on the past event regarding July stipends you will understand what I am talking about.

However, the beneficiaries have cried out and also plead with those in-charge of payment of the voiceless teaming youth of Nigeria involved in the Npower volunteer program to effect payment as they are in festive season and many beneficiaries are Muslims, the need the payment to celebrate sallah. Apart from that, they have families that depend on them and many responsibilities are on their shoulders too.

Many beneficiaries of the scheme have described the delay in their payment as nonchalant and highly insensitive attitude from the government to the welfare of the youths under the scheme, and have said "It's becoming a tradition to pay them late unlike when the programme started.

Nevertheless, the N-power team has said payment have commence since last week in response to questions asked by a volunteers regarding the payment and we have seen some NPower build beneficiary displaying their payment statement. So let us hope payment for the N-power graduate component begin today.

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