How N-Power Graduates And Creative Beneficiaries Can Collaborate To Impact With Animation Content

N-Power Creative component of the FG empowerment Scheme at the moment is the baby component of N-Power Programme because of the attention and training they are receiving. Recently the federal government said they are positioning the young men and women to participate in providing value that can increase Nigeria's earning capacity from the creative industry.

Nigeria can position itself as an outsourcing destination in Africa. As at 2018, the total value of global animation industry was $259 Billion and N-Power Creative training is to position Nigeria as a outsourcing Animation production destination in Africa.

We thought that it will be nice if the N-Power graduate beneficiaries can collaborate with the N-Power creative using the experience gain to create educative content to impact their community positively. How can this be achieve?

Lets look at this from this point of view! The N-Power graduate: N-Health, N-Teach, N-Agro and N-Tax has acquired skills in their field of engagement for more than two years now and they know the in-and-out of their community and what they can do to add value to their communities.

The N-Power Creative beneficiaries on the other hand, has been empowered and now has creative power on their hands as a result of the animation training gain. Now these bunch of experience and trained volunteers can collaborate and create local animation content to impact their communities.

For instance, an N-Agro beneficiary can partner with an N-Creative beneficiary to create an animation content to teach people the impact of Agricultural business. An N-Health with N-Create beneficiary can also collaborate to create an animation content that will educate people in their community about the important of staying health. An N-Teach beneficiaries equally can do the same thing by putting numbers and word into animation character to aid their pupils learn fast in school.

These are ways the NPower graduates and the N-Power creative can partner to create educative content with animation.

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