How To Have A Secure Retirement Through Micropension Scheme In Nigeria

What are your retirement plans for the future? Do you know that one day you will get older, be unable to work and end a regular income and then become a huge burden on an already weak and fragile society with also non existent social security or welfare programs? My uncle was a typical example of this. He worked in a private sector for good 30 years without a pension plan and now suffering from that single action of not able to saved for the future.

Whether you are a trader, artisans, craftsmen,builder, architects, accountant, lawyer you need a pension. The Pension Fund Administration and PenCom have rolled out the micro pension scheme to ensure that every Nigerian, even those in the formal sector gets a pension and have a secure retirement. You too can take advantage of this Pension Scheme to better your future, all you have to do is to identify the right Pension Fund Administrators(PFA).

Open Here to see the list of all the genuine pension fund administrators.

The contributory pension scheme requires pension funds to be privately manage exclusively by licensed pension fund administrators (PFA). The main functions of the PFA are to open retirement saving account (RSA) for employees invest and manage pension fund assets, payment of retirement benefits and accounting for all transactions relating to the pension funds under their management.

You can find more information about the PFA at

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