Before You Develop High BP About 2016 N-Power Volunteers Disengagement

Before You Develop High BP About 2016 N-Power Volunteers Disengagement, read this.

By Igwe Anselm Onyekachi

Commonsensically, we should all know that the Senior Special assistant to the president who made that comment of end-of-the-year disengagement did not actually make any official statement; she only expressed her view based on assumption.

Another salient point to note is this, in the 2016 budget, N500bn was appropriated for NSIP to be used between 2017 to 2018. As a result 2017 budget did not capture NSIP since the N500bn appropriated in the 2016 budget was to be used between 2017 to 2018.

Similarly, in the 2018 budget which was called the budget of consolidation, another N500bn was appropriated for NSIP. So it would make no sense asking questions on why only N30bn was appropriated for NSIP because the N500bn appropriated in the 2018 budget has not been exhausted. I would say that the N30bn appropriated was only an addition to the remainder of the N500bn undergoing exhaustion currently.

Therefore, by calculation and commonsense, even if FG wants to send the 2016 set to the street, it should be by the end of 2020. So until then, I don't see the reason why the beneficiaries should panic. After all, this same Senior special adviser went to Bayelsa few months ago to make a similar statement of termination at a certain month and, by God's grace, that month had come and gone and you're still earning your Stipends.

Note: this information is not official, rather it is an offshoot of common sense. But know that common sense is not always common.

God bless us.

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  1. You are ignorant of how budgeting system works.
    The common sense of common budgeting you don't even have

  2. I just hope so because that money has help me so much


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