Possible Reason Why Npower Transition Path Taken Down From NPVN Portal

The Npower Transition path added on the NPVN Portal took No time before it was taken down which left beneficiaries wondering whether the option will be added back to enable them select their path. Though some beneficiaries who saw the transition path early, were able to chose a path before it was removed.

Those who saw the transition path option before it was taken down will attest to the fact that N-Power Health category path was not captured in the transition path and that will lead interested N-Power health beneficiaries who will love to continue on that path loss the opportunity to practice what they have acquire experience on.

Other categories like the N-Power Agro, Teach, Tax are covered on the transition path except N-Health. That may be the possible reason why it was taken down for proper adjustment before re-added on the NPVN Portal again. N-power also commented that the Transition path was on testing phase, that is why it was removed to be re-added when the transition path is fully activated.

The question volunteers are asking is whether those who selected one path at the testing phase will be allowed to add more path to the one selected before the transition path went down, since the requirement stated that they are allow to select multiple options.

Whatever the outcome, we hope for the best

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