How Nigerian And Ghanian Lecturers Demand Sex For Grade - BBC Africa Documentary

#SexForGrade : you need to watch the video on BBC and see how Nigerian & Ghanian lecturers are sleeping with students all in a bid to pass them. Watch the video below:

Now that this BBC Africa documentary have exposed what these lectures do behind the close doors, it is about time the ladies lend their voice without fear of being victimized or probably expose more of this evil lecturers that are sleeping around with peoples daughters and eventually spoiling people future wife. The guys are also not left out, speak out if you have been molested asexually by Female lecturers.

We have cases where lecture impregnate students and force them to abort it. We have cases of students arranging their fellow students for lecturers to sleep with. If this evil is not openly addressed, it will affect our friends, fiancees, our children born and unborn. Enough of this act where Randy dogs acting as lecturers will be sleeping with other people's children! Enough!

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