2019 Biggest Nigeria Festivals Lineups Ahead Of Christmas Celebration - November - December

Here we are again with another update on the 2019 November/December Biggest Festivals Lineups ahead of Christmas Celebration. The 2019 holiday celebration time is here with lots of events and shows lineup for you to enjoy.

The months of November and December in Nigeria are always busy because of the events lineups, this is the period when Nigerians travel back home from other part of the world to visit families and friends and equally celebrate Christmas.

During this period, lots of mega events happens across the Country and people bubble with lots of entertainment and fun. As a result of that, we have decided to share with you events and shows lineup for November and December holiday Celebrations in Nigeria. below are list of events/festivals you can enjoy while in Nigeria to have a happier celebration this session.

2019 Biggest Festivals In Nigeria And Date

  • Afrima 2019 - 21st and 23rd November 2019
  • Unusual Praise 2019 - 20th November 2019
  • Experience 14 - 6th December 2019
  • Akwa Ibom Christmas Carols Festival - 20th December 2019
  • Carnival Calabar - 26th December 2019
  • Miss Africa - 27th December 2019
  • Greater Lagos - 31st December 2019

You can attend these festivals physically or sit at home confortably and watch the live event on DSTV and GOTV

Have a Happier Celebration

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