Latest N-Power Transition Path Selection Questions And Answers Update

We selected from the poll of questions some N-Power volunteers has been asking about Transition path selection and decided to compile the answers in this update. So if you are done selecting or yet to make a selection, this update is for you

Check the questions and answers below:

1) Is N-Power Transition path back?


2) When will N-Power Transition come back?

ANSWER: It will come back unexpectedly

3) How do I know when the Transition path is back?

ANSWER: You will know by visiting your NPVN dashboard frequently or stay updated with our blog updates

4) How and where can I select my N-Power Transition path?

ANSWER: You are to make your selection at http://npvn.npower.gov.ng

5) Which N-Power Transition path is best to select?

ANSWER: All the options in the transition path are ok for selection, you just have to go for which you think better suit your experience

6) How can I check the N-Power Transition path that I have selected?

ANSWER: You can only see your selected path when the transition path page is visible on your NPVN dashboard

7) If I previously selected a path, are my allowed to select another one?

ANSWER: No! you wont be able to make another selection once you have selected

8) How many Transition path I my to select?

ANSWER: At-least 2, because you are allowed to choose multiple path

We hope that these answers we provided will give a solution to your questions

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