Open Letter To All N-Power Beneficiaries On October Stipend Delay By Pedro

22nd October, 2019.
Source: #PedroAccurateReporters.

I Sympathizes With You On Your Stipend Inclined.

Am hereby write this short message to you, and it's NEITHER to mock you NOR for foregrounding, but to make you know that I am feeling the pain you are passing through in the delay of your stipend.

I knows vividly that over 90% of the beneficiaries are NOT in happy shape as you are yet to receive your October stipend. While month of November is also speedily running out.

Categorically, it's unfortunately that this is happening. While it has not happened before. Though, is not the plan of the programme per say. Also, it's not your prayer that this "snail walking" of your payment will happen.

Really, many have budgeted the money(stipend) unfortunately, this delay have cause disappointment strongly which has make it inabilities and parochialism for your plans and what you budgeted to do with the stipend.

Even, if there are official reasons for this delay and disappointment, such reasons are NOT your need or expectations but payment of your stipend are the matter most for you now.

Unequivocally, I says with my native knowledge and according to my findings that this delay of your stipend is causing depression and deep thinking to over 90% of the beneficiaries who solely and singly depend on Npower programme. In twins, what about the beneficiaries that are spending #1000 to their Primary Place Of Assignment daily as transportation fees! Where should they get transportation fees to their PPAs now??????

It's capital letter NO to say that ANY disappointment is a blessing! In fact, is NEITHER a blessing, NOR a FAVOUR but, great disappointment and displeasure!

Although, the Federal government is neither sleeping nor slumbering on this unexpected situation. They are reading all comments and posts in which you are making into media, they are hearing your glamouring and discomfort on the delay of your stipend. Sooner, they will answer your prayer.

Graciously, you will smile, laugh and giggle eventually. If I tells you that authorities are not hearing or reading all your public posts on the delay of your stipend; I lies. I am also feeling the "cold weather" you are feeling. So, just hopeful and patience strongly, you are already in and there, only thing you need now is a "FATHER OF PATIENCE."

Peace be to you!
Thanks for understanding.
Yours Nationalist,
Comrade Ikuomola Olubadewa Pedro.
(Human Rights Activist/Social Media Writer/Convoker Of PWDs, Nigeria.)
Ilaje Local Government, Ondo State.

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