Why N-Power Volunteers Should Start Business By 2020 (A Case Study Of October Stipend Delay)

In as much as some of you may want government job, it is high time you start thinking of how to start your own personal business as a side hustle. You don’t need to wait forever for that scares government offer to live a good life, even those working with government organisation are beginning to diversify into business as a side hustle to meet up with other expenses talk-less of you the N-Power Volunteers whose vision are unclear for now.

The recent interview of SSA to the president on job creation Ismaeel Ahmed done by legit where he said that 60% of N-power volunteers has agreed that they have started their own business is enough to give you an inside that you need to head up.

We are not saying this to scare you but helping you to visualize future occurrence that may befall most N-Power volunteers such as the delay of stipend payment in the month of October and November where beneficiaries were left stranded.

All we pray for is what you wish for yourselves (N-Power Permanency) but before then, You can start a business to generate little money as a back up plan. You need to start thinking out of the box, visualize, generate ideas from your environment where there are lots of opportunities you can leverage on.

Don't close your eye on opportunity you can clearly see because you tell yourself that you can't succeed doing business, believe me there is money in any business you do in Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa.

You can venture into business in digital field, Agriculture, retail trades etc. No any young, reasonable and smart person should continue depending or waiting for someone to provide them with jobs at this crucial time. When you don’t have strong connection that will get you that government job, the only alternative solution is to take control of your life and act fast than wasting your precious time when you can make a living from your own ideology

The time is now!You can do it! we hope to hear your success story in 2020

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