Breaking News - NPower Begin Payment Of October And November Stipends

Finally, N-Power Volunteers can get some relieve of waiting to receive stipends as N-Power begin payment of October and November Stipends in batches. If you are doubting visit any of the volunteers popular discussion channels to confirm the testimonies beneficiaries are giving on Social media discussion platforms.

The payment has began and is coming with the payment of October stipend first. So if you have not received yours, wait patiently in anticipation to receive yours

Details shortly!!

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  1. Good evening the admin here, there are some issues that are bordering me, I'm one of the batch A nbuild, we did out 3 month first training, and after that we have completed our 2nd training which took us 9 months, since then we didn't receive any message concerning our program, we didn't receive any stipend, no message, no information, please what is our fate now.

  2. Goodevening sir, you said both October and November stipends payment will be paid and stated that October will be paid first,while for batch A, almost all we were only paid November without getting that of October and batch B have gotten both October and November. Please what's the problem all about

  3. Am among B1 of npower.i received only November stipends. Not receive that of October.Am Titus Aroh.from Enugu.

  4. Pls I want to know if any nbuild beneficiary have been paid

  5. Most of us have only seen the stipend for November. As of 12/12/2019, we are yet to receive that of October. Why the delay?

  6. Batch A are only seeing for d month of November, what happen to October?

  7. I'm in Batch B npower tax, and almost like evey one else, I was only paid the November stipend about 3 days ago. We are yet to receive our October stipend. From Bayelsa State.


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