NPower Stipends Payment For January 2020 Update

It is January 2020 another stipends payment month for the NPower volunteers to get paid for job done. Payment for this month is very significant to most NPower beneficiaries especially the 2016 batch A beneficiaries.

Some of the volunteers were made to believe that payment for the month of January 2020 will determine the future of the N-Power programme, since this is the first payment for the year 2020.

Rumor has it that the 200,000 2016 batch A N-Power volunteers might make way for new volunteers to benefit from the programme this year. As a result of that, many volunteers has been asking whether they will get paid this month.

However, the management of N-Power programme have asked all NPower volunteers to continue going to places of their primary assignment (PPA) including the 2016 batch A volunteers. What does this entails? From a clear thinking, this simply means payment continue until NPower says otherwise.

So as usual, it is very necessary that all volunteers continue with their duties at their various PPA while they wait patiently like they normally do and hopefully payment for January 2020 will be paid.

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  1. we need 50000 monthly pay or exit package of 1million naira or nothing

  2. May the FG try to permanent all the Npower members, for the fact that it is Fg program let it be permanent. if FG send out the npower members are they going out to start writing application for new job to where? If FG can't retain them is it the state dat can do so?


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