Sad News - Kobe Bryant Basket Ball Legend Died In An Helicopter Crash

The News of the Legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant death come as a surprise to many basketball lovers and Kobe Bryant fans in Nigeria. He was reported to have died in a California helicopter crash on Sunday at 41 years of age.


Bryant was among at least four people traveling in his private helicopter over Calabasas when a fire broke out, sending the chopper spiraling from the sky, according to report. His death is indeed a painful one.

While we were growing up in a small town in Kaduna Nigeria, I grew up loving the game of basketball even though my mates at that time love the popular game and only game every Nigerian love to play which is Football, but Kobe Bryant push me into loving and playing the game of basketball. My room at that time was decorated with Kobe's posters and most of my Bball kits carries Kobe Bryant's name.

He is a legend and will forever be remembered for his impact in the game of Basketball. Rest in peace Kobe Bryant.

Watch Kobi Bryant helicopter crash news in the video below:

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