19 Bills Including Automatic Employment For Graduates After NYSC Passed First Reading

19 Bills including bill introduced by Eta Mbora a house of rep member seeking automatic employment for graduates after NYSC has passed first reading in the house of representatives.

below are the 19 bills:

1. National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 673) (Hon. Shehu Borwa Beji) First Reading.

2. National Food Technology Development Agency Bill, 2020 (HB. 712) (Hon. Chinedu Nweke Ogoh) First Reading.

3. Federal College of Food Technology, lkwo (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 713) (Hon. Chinedu Nweke Ogoh) First Reading.

4. National Orientation Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 714) (Hon. Olojide Olatubosun) First Reading.

5. Federal College of Education (Technical) lkot Uko (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 715) (Hon. Aniekan Umonah) First Reading.

6. National Youth Service Corps Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 ((HB. 716) (Hon. Eta Mbora) First Reading.

7. Environmental Health and Safety Agency (Establishment, etc) Bill, 2020 (HB. 717) (Hon. Abbas Tajudeen) First Reading.

8. Voting Rights of Nigerian Citizens Living Outside Nigeria Bill, 2020 (HB. 718) (Hon. Abbas Tajudeen) First Reading.

9. National Primary Education Commission, etc. Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 719) (Hon. Abbas Tojudeen) First Reading.

10. National Religious Equity Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 720) (Hon. Abbas Tajudeen) First Reading.

11. Federal University of Technology, Asobo (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 721) (Hon. Ndudi Elumelu) First Reading.

12. Civil Society Regulatory Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 712) (Hon. Abbas Tajudeen) First Reading.

13. Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts of Nigeria Bill, 2020 (HB. 723) (Hon. Sylvester Ogboga) First Reading.

14. Federal College of Education Umunneochi (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 723) (Hon. Nkeiruko Onyejeocho) _ First Reading.

15. National Agency for Population Programmes and Development Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 725) (Hon.Olufemi B. Adebanjo) First Reading.

16. National Institute for Labour Studies Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 726) (Hon. Olufemi B. Adebonjo) First Reading.

17. National Agency for the Great Green Wall Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 727) (Hon. Olufemi B. Adebcmjo) First Reading.

18. Compulsory Treatment and Core for Victims of Gunshots Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 728) (Hon. Tasir Olawole Raji) First Reading.

19. Nigerian Entrepreneurship Development Bank (Establishment) Bill, 2020 (HB. 729) (Hon. Afolobi Rosheed Olalekan) First Reading.

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