NPower Volunteers State Risk Involves In Waiting For Govt Job For Long

It is no longer new that NPower volunteers ultimate dream is to see that government offers them permanent job after been empowered. However, their fears is the risk involves in waiting for so long for the dream to actualize.

In a post shared on one of the NPower Volunteers discussion forum, the stated the following as risk involves in waiting for government job:

1) Getting old

2) Heart break

3 Getting duped

4) Not getting the job

5) Bitterness

6) Poverty and hunger

Risk of becoming advance beggar and poor etc.

They are not so far from the truth but the fact still remain that life must continue and in order for that to happen,man must learn to be independent. We must be able to personally find a way to further develop our skills in paths that we are been introduced or partially empowered by people we depend on (Government).

As much as some people may want government jobs, you don’t have to wait forever for that scares government offer to leave a good life. You must start thinking out of the box, have alternative plan, think of what you can do that will legitimately make you money. No young, reasonable and smart thinking person should continue depending or waiting for someone to provide them with jobs at this crucial time. When you don’t have strong connection that will get you that government job, the only alternative solution is to take control of your life and act fast.(Government job should be secondary plan)

As an NPower volunteer, you are opportune to be introduced to a path, build on that and make something meaningful for your selves while you wait for that government inclusive job opportunities.

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