Is The Relief Disbursement Collation Form Authentic Or Scam - What We Know

A lot of our blog readers has being asking whether the viral relief disbursement collation form link circulating online is authentic. So we decided to create this update to inform you on what we know about the form.

At the moment the source to the relief disbursement collation form circulating online can not be trusted because the form link has no prove to show if it was created by the Federal government. Government scheme don't get information through google forms, they use their website to collect data. So you should be careful on how you give out your bank and personal data through a form you are not sure of its genuineness.

The covid-19 cash transfer scheme is handle by the ministry of humanitarian affairs, if there is any form to be filled the ministry should be the ones to first make it public. Please be guided, do not fill any form that the source is not genuinely confirmed.

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