Why It Won't Be Bad If Npower Beneficiaries Get N50000 For March Stipend

The usual NPower Volunteers take home benefit at the end of the Month is N30,000. However, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic which has slums economies and increasing the rate of poverty due to the lock-down is generating debate whether Npower beneficiaries in Nigeria will also be included in the measures taken to give N20,000 each to the poorer in Nigeria.

The Question is will the N20,000 be paid to Npower beneficiaries as additional stipend to stay afloat at Home? The Volunteers need, and are praying for that to happen.

The fact remain that payment of N50,000 to Npower Volunteers at this time will never be a bad idea. This may serve as a step for the volunteer to save which they were unable to do from their N30,000 monthly stipends. As the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and social Development is working tirelessly to pay all Npower beneficiaries 30,000 Naira as March stipend, she should also put it consideration that addition of N20,000 to all Npower beneficiaries in Nigeria due to the fact that Pandemic disease has caused many Nigerians to stay at home in Nigeria wouldn't be a bad idea.

Nevertheless, the good news for Npower beneficiaries is that the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development is ready to pay March stipend any moment from now as the Federal government of Nigeria has also paid 20,000 Naira each to poorer in Nigeria. Federal government is paying Nigeria just to reduce pain and poverty at this crucial time.

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