Today's Motivational Tips - Communication An Important Factor To Success

What is communication: Communication can simply be seen as the exchange of information from one place, person or group to another by speaking, writing or using some other medium.

Communication: What you tell yourself depends on how you achieve goals in life (Take responsibility of what you ought to do and ain't doing and never blame others for your failure).

Communication: How you talk to others matters either through spoken words, reading words and body language (Your comments can tell who you really are) being polite is not a weakness but a very important ingredient in communication.

Communication: Grabbing opportunities depends on how you decode information (Never mistaken true info for fake news because you might miss out of opportunities)

Communication: Your interaction between you and spiritual fathers and God(Prayers) matters in the way you approach life (try not to be brain washed)

Communication: Be wise with information you get from your leaders. Learn to understand what is right for your personal development.

Communication: Good and healthy communication create a conducive atmosphere for success

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