How An NPower Volunteer Speedstar Device Was Stolen By His Next Door Neighbor

An NPower volunteer "name withheld" device was stolen so he requested that we share his story on the NPower discussion group. Read below what he said happened:

A few day ago, I shared a post on Facebook NPower discussion group platform on how my NPower Speedstar device was stolen and the suspect was my next-door neighbor and some of you were saying I have no enough evidence.

Today I have asked the NPower discussion group blog to share detailed explanations on how the device was stolen and why I think my next-door neighbor is a suspect.

First, the NPower Speedstar device has been of help since it was given to me by NPower, I have used the device to improve my digital skills tremendously and have impacted my community positively through informative content creation with the device. Check the Full List Of 2017 Npower Devices Selection And Collection Date here.

Let me not bore you! This is how it happened. On the 24th of April 2020, I went outside the gate of my house to buy bread and the suspect went through the back door and straight to my drawer and took my speedster device leaving my hp laptop on the table.

Why I pick out my next-door neighbor as the suspect was because the house has five self-contained apartments with me as one among the five tenants. Three of the tenants are always not at home but the fort tenant the suspect is always at home and he has visited me in my apartment without invitation and saw me using my NPower Speedstar device.

The suspect is always broke and fund of begging/borrowing of money from me and other tenants, he finds it had to pay light bills.

However, when the device was stolen, I reported the case to the landlord and every other tenant came out to sympathize with me and the suspect refused to come out and he his at home.

The house is fenced and surrounded with barbwire and the gate is always closed with each of the tenants with their own key, visitors must call you on phone to come open the gate. The neighbor houses next to ours were fenced and surrounded by barbwire. So there is no way someone can come into the compound from outside to stile my NPower device leaving my laptop.

That notwithstanding, I have decided to leave everything in the hands of God to take control. Please keep yourself and property safe. Covid-19 is heating some people hard.

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