What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of NSCDC - Exam Question

We know that some of our blog readers are prospective Nigeria Security And Civil Defence Corps staff. So we try as much as possible to share updates that will help them attain success in NSCDC exams. Our update for today is the duties and responsibilities of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

Whether you are looking forward to becoming an NSCDC staff or someone who wants to just know NSCDC duties and responsibilities, read on.

What are the duties and responsibilities of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps?

  • Assist in the maintenance of peace and order and in the protection and rescuing of the Civil population during the period of emergency.
  • Recommend to the Minister the registration of private guard companies,
  • From time to time, inspect the premises of private guard companies, their training facilities and approve the same if it is up to standard.
  • Supervise and monitor the activities of all private guard companies and keep a register for that purpose.
  • Periodically organize workshops, and training courses for private guard companies and seal up any private guard company which operates without a valid licence.
  • Maintain twenty-four-hour surveillance over infrastructures, sites and projects for the Federal, State and Local Government.
  • Enter and search any premises and seize any material suspected to have been used in vandalization or suspected proceed of vandalization.
  • Enter and search premises of any suspected illegal dealer in petroleum products or material used by Power Holding Company of Nigeria, Postal Services, Nigeria Telecommunication or for any other public utility or infrastructure
  • Monitor the activities of religious bodies and trade associations.
  • Monitor, investigate, and take every necessary step to forestall any planned Act of terrorism particularly (Cult and Ethnic militia activities, Criminal activities aimed at depriving citizens of their properties or lives, Syndicate activity aimed at defrauding the Federal, State or Local Government)
  • Provide intelligence information to the Ministry on any matter relating to:

(i) Crime control generally

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(ii) Riot, disorder, revolt, strike or religious unrest.

(iii) Subversive activity by members of the public aimed at frustrating any government programme or policy.

(iv) Industrial action and strike aimed at paralysing Government activities.

(v) Any other matter as may be directed by the Minister; and

(vi) Have the power to arrange and mediate in the settlement of disputes among willing members of the public.

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