This Crying Corper Video Shows What Npower Volunteers Are Trying To Avoid - Watch

Only Npower volunteers and NYSC Members can relate to the viral video of a corper bitterly crying. Either real or fun, that is the state of our nation. The clip has been trending and is generating lots of discussions.

Some might laugh at her but she's speaking the truth and the state of our nation Nigeria. Many don't know where next to place their leg on the ladder but just filled with just and faith in God.

Some cases are worse than hers but would want to pretend or behave normally because of pride. May God open the favored market for all the unemployed Youths in Nigeria so that they can leave the Nigerian dreams.

Parents or guidance has labored to see their children through their studies. And it is worrying if after that you can't keep up to assist your parents neither can you take care of yourself. That is the situation our Youths are facing.

This is the situation Npower volunteers are trying to avoid right now. They are afraid existing them back to the street without proper transition into sustainable ventures will be a suicidal act. Watch the video below

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