Time To Focus On Fixing Unemployment And Poverty - VP Osinbajo

Vice President Osinbajo statement at the 2-day Exco-Legislature retreat came at the point when thousands of Npower volunteers batch A and B has been thrown back to the street. Most of them are now at home without job waiting for alternative, the small stipend they are being paid has been stopped. This may cause chaos and civil unrest if such move is not mitigated.

According to VP Osinbajo remarks, Our nation has millions of extremely poor people, Covid-19 pandemic has worsened unemployment & poverty. We have huge deficits in infrastructure, many children out of school. We'll be callous & irresponsible if we don't come together.

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we have to work together to sort out these grave life threatening problems our people have to confront everyday. The dogmatic emphasis on procedural niceties is a luxury we cannot afford. It's time to Focus on what we "ve been elected or appointed to do: the people's welfare"

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  1. Good move! Vice President Osinbajo has said it all. I'm one of the existed NPower Volunteers, a husband and a father of children. As we speak, I haven't secured another job. I was committed to the assigment given to me at the PPA, even active more than the so called Permanent Staff. In which I'm sure the pupils will suffer for this because of the great impacts of the NPower Volunteers in that school. Now that the stipend has stopped, life has been so cruel for me and entire household.
    I'm appealing to the FG to consider the us for the sake of those that have responsibilies among the Npower Volunteers.

  2. I registered but is not going why I didn't have food to eat please help me


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