Reason Why Batch A And B Are Still Enrolled On NPVN Portal

Have you ever wondered why the exited npower batch A and B beneficiaries are still enrolled on the npvn portal? Well if you are one of those who have been asking questions regarding this then this update is for.

Some people keep wondering why the disengaged npower Beneficiaries data is still intact even when recruitment for batch C is ongoing. They expect that batch A and B information should be wipe out to give room for batch C, which we believe can not be possible at the moment.

The Management of Npower can not just wipe out information of 500, 000 Nigeria youths from their data base just like that because they need that information for future reference.

Remember it is not over until it is over. The planned transition of the exited beneficiaries into some of the government scheme is still pending. So I see no reason why batch A and B volunteers data be clear from the npvn portal. Npower still need the data for future engagement.

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Another reason why batch A and B information can not be clear from the npvn portal is because, the management may probably want to use it to fish out those who may want to still benefit from batch C.

Npower have always emphasis on building data base of Nigeria youths to enable them access oppotunities.

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  1. Let our data always be contact, and do necessary things.


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