President Buhari - Retrieve All NALDA Farm Estate And Engage Youths In Modern Farming

President Muhammadu Buhari have today flagged off the National Young Farmers’ Scheme, designed by the newly-revived National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA), as part of its efforts to expand and modernize agriculture in Nigeria, and also increase opportunities for youth participation.

According to Mr President, I have directed that all NALDA’s abandoned farm estates be retrieved to enable thousands of our young men and women to be engaged in modern, mechanized farming. I am confident that, under my watch, Nigeria will achieve food security; we will produce most of what we eat.

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The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) is incharge of this programme. NALDA is a body established in 1992 but it went into extinction in 2000. However under the administration of the President Muhammadu Buhari, it was revived to carry out its mandate of developing rural communities through agriculture and to make agriculture a business and a source of wealth creation for the country.

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