Youth Unemployment - Npower Volunteers Set 12 November 2020 For Protest

On today's latest Npower news, the Npower Volunteers have set Nation Wide Meeting slated for Thursday 12th November at the National Assembly Complex/ National Secretariat Abuja in continuation of their demands for permanency/Exit Package.

The Volunteers defined Npower as a group of common men and women organised by President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo about Four years ago to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment among the Nigerian youths.

According to them, they have legal backing because the volunteers didn't gather themselves to form the group, it is a group organised by the presidency for unemployed graduates.

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They further stated that the reason for going to Abuja for the protest is that, when the group salaries stopped on June /July, the Federal Government promised to fix individuals into available spaces in MDAs and we are going to remind them their promises because since when the salaries stopped, majorities that have families and dependants are finding it difficult to feed their families. Also to enable government to know we are are serious with their promises for us. If we don't go and ask, nobody will ask on our behalf. Also to remind them the option for those who have business ambitions and approvals of backlogged payments

Our going out to protest is not going to riot or causing any trouble? There's no reason for that because our request has already introduced to us by the government, there's no strange or fresh demands.

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Why everybody should be in Abuja on Thursday in order to get recognition from government and to confirm our seriousness, because if we don't go, you don't go, everybody doesn't go, who's going to represent us? They added.

The also stated that everyone must take the protest serious, now that Nigerian constitution has restricted, banned and disallowed anybody above 35years of age to get any benefits like employment, empowerment, loan or grant from government because of this national discrimination against 35years above, everyone must see his or her presence on Thursday as important because it will be somehow harder to get some opportunity from government as a result of age discrimination.

Protest isn't done on phone, let's go there physically the much we are, the more they will pity us and believe that none of us has a meaningful job. A day seriousness can get us permanent appointment and other benefits and individuals life will have positive changes, they concluded.

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Whatever request individuals have, come with your complaint and everything will be submitted.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria, God bless all Npower beneficiaries, God bless all Nigerians.

By Abdulramon Musa, Comrade Adeseye Adeola, Bashir Usman Gobir, Emeka Moses, and Yinka Ibrahim.

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  1. I am supporting the protesters as govt desolved youths without enrollment into the civil services are we not Nigerians or educated we holded certificates we served and we remained jobless while we are liking certain stuff to survive we are in program for 24months fushout 4months without knowing the effort and direction of peoples we selected by our hand, the only thing is to protest massively as it's Right


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