Why You Should Not Miss Covid-19 Loan For Nexit Loan

We noticed that some Nexit Applicants who got called to receive Covid-19 Loan are now scared to receive the loan in order not to miss the Nexit loan. It is better to receive the covid-19 or NYIF loan than to miss the loan if really you are going to put the fund into use for business purposes so that you can be able to pay back the loan.

Note that the Management of Nexit Programme has not given any update stating that Beneficiaries of the covid-19 loan will not benefit from Nexit loan. In our recent post Category Of Nexit Applicants To Likely Get High CBN Loan, we shared more light which may interest you.

Both the Covid-19 and Nexit loan is for business purposes, it is not the usual Npower Stipends that Exited Npower Volunteers use to receive. When you are opportune to benefit from any of the mentioned loans, you are expected to invest the money into a sustainable venture in order to make a profit and payback. See Link For NIRSAL CBN Covid-19 Loan Application

Whichever of the loan you are called to receive first, grab it with seriousness rather than letting it go. There are well-established businesses that can repay both loans. Nevertheless, if your business doesn't require a big amount of money to establish, go for the loan you can repay. At this point, you can let go of one. Read Why Exited Npower Volunteers Must Take Next Opportunity With Seriousness

The Good thing about the Nexit CBN Empowerment options is that apart from the monetary aspect, there are also other training that Applicants will benefit from.

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