Eligible AFJP Farmers To Get Zero Percent Loan - FMARDPACE

The FMARDPACE team has given a new update regarding the dry season farming support for AFJP Farmers. According to the update, farmers are advised to please note that AFJP is not giving farmers PALLIATIVES! It is a LOAN! And registered AFJP farmers will be eligible for 0% interest inputs loan such as fertilizers, seeds, and crop protection.

Who are AJFP Farmers? AFJP simply means Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP). It is the FGN’s response to the Covid19 pandemic aimed at increasing locally grown food supply and job creation. AFJP Farmers are farmers that are registered with the FMARD PACE with the help of enumerators. Read also: 3 Things To Do While Waiting For Nexit Loan Disbursement

Fmardpace has stated that only registered farmers with complete details will be able to access the 0% interest input loan and the dry season farming support is progressing smoothly. Dry season farmers have been identified and the Master Trainers have been engaged in the modalities of this phase of the project. Enumerators have a role to play too.

Here are six things you need to know About AFJP Dry Season Farming Support.

1) Farmer Selection: Farmers for Dry season support were selected based on defined criteria:

  • Passed Validation
  • Nearness to bodies of water
  • BVN
  • Priority Crops/Livestock

2) Participating State: Farmers have been selected from 36 States and FCT. A total of 596 Local Government Areas will be participating in dry season farming.

3) Role of Master Trainers: The Master Trainers will coordinate field operations as well as manage Platform Partners' relationship with Enumerators.

4) Priority Crops/Livestock: The priority crops and livestock for dry season support are Maize, Rice, Cassava, Cattle for fattening, Poultry & Aquaculture. Read also FMYSD Gives 7 New Update On NYIF Loan

5) Partners: The AFJP platform partners will ensure that the farmer clusters assigned to them receive the input loans for dry season with the support of the MTs and Enumerators

6) Role Of Enumerators: Selected Enumerators will be informed by the MTs, who will also connect them to the AF]P Platform Partner. Enumerators. Selection will be based on the following:

  • Location - Are you in a ward/LGA that has been selected?
  • Count of quality enumerations submitted.

Fmardpace AFJP Farmers will receive 0% interest input loans that will be distributed through the Commodity Associations and Platform Partners.

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