How NSIP Independent Monitors Are Recruited

We have seen some of you asking questions on how the NSIP Independent Monitors are Recruited. So we decided to create this post to share more light on how NSIP independent monitors are being recruited. Read on!!

NSIP independent monitors are people appointed or Selected by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, disaster management and social development to supervise/monitor activities of the National Social Investment Programme in all the 774 LGA‘s in the country (they will be the eyes and ears for NSIP in all of the NSIP programmes). Read also Is 300K Nexit Loan Feasible - What We Know

The Independent Monitors will monitor the NSIP Programmes at the community level. They will be assigned to monitor programme beneficiaries within their locality in schools, households and market clusters with the focus of ensuring that the primary objectives of programmes such as Npower, GEEP, CCT and NHGSFP are achieved.

Unlike Npower Recruitment that is done via an online registration portal, the NSIP Independent Monitors recruitment is done by FMHDSD or SIP in states by appointment or Selection. They probably engage independent monitor firms to help them hire capable hands with technical knowledge and train them on how to do the job for the Ministry. Read also NSIP Begins Nationwide Training Of Independent Monitors

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