Is 300K Nexit Loan Feasible - What We Know

A lot has been said this few days regarding the rumor circulating online that the Nexit loan figure for Applicants is N300,000 and how feasible the 300K Nexit Loan might be. So we decided to create this post to open your eyes to reality.

The journey of becoming self-reliant by the Exited Npower Volunteers did not start today, it started long ago and now that the opportunity for them to achieve what they have been clamoring for will be provided through the Nexit options, it will be good if perfectly implemented.

N300,000 is neither big nor small to be given to each Nexit applicant to start a business. In fact, there are already innovative entrepreneurs among the exited Npower Volunteers who can handle more than a million to expand their business.

If the Nigeria youth Investment Fund NYIF and NMFB Covid-19 Loan Beneficiaries can get a loan offer that is more than a million, Nexit Applicants too should be considered for more as long as the criteria set are met. Read also NSIP Begins Nationwide Training Of Independent Monitors

The Ministry in charge has already disclosed some of the Nexit package and the strategies to be used for the Nexit Applicants to get the package via the nexit options which will all depend on the package you allotted/Selected by the applicant. So for all those asking questions, there is no need to panic let us just hope for the best.

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