Today Latest Npower News On Nexit Password Change Message

On today's latest Npower news, some Nexit Applicants complaining about Receiving Nexit portal password change notifications despite not requested for password change. Below is the text message Received by some Nexit Applicants:

Dear Batch A&B, Please reset your account with the "forgotten password link’. Endeavor to complete your registration on the NEXIT portal. Regards

If you have successfully Completed your NEXIT Registration without any further issues and you can check that you can log in to the Nexit portal with your login details seemly then you don't need to do anything. Simply ignore the message. Read also How To Know If Your NEXIT Portal Records Is Uploaded And Submitted Correctly

However, if you are among Applicants who were unable to complete their Registration because along the line, they forgot their password then you should reset your password as contained in the message. visit to reset your forgotten password.

Note: for safety reasons, if you know that you have exposed your NEXIT password publicly after a Successful registration, you can also reset your password. All you have to do is to visit the Nexit login page in the link above and follow the instructions.

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  1. please help, I got a message on nexit email change. The message reads dear batch A & B, Your request for e-mail change has been completed. Please login into the NEXIT portal and complete your application. Regards. it is true that I changed my e-mail but that was when my Yahoo mail was unable to be verified by npower and those affected was told to do that then later the Yahoo mail was verified and I completed my nexit application successfully but last week I got the above message from NSIP Team and since then I can't login to my profile neither register with the new gmail address which I changed to then to complete my registration as instructed by the NSIP Team. Needed help thanks

  2. I forgot my password,which I registered the email. Can register with my new email ([email protected]) instead of ([email protected]) which am using before


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