HM Sadiya Umar Farouq Week In Review - 5th April 2021

Minister of Humanitarian affairs Ministry, Sadiya Umar Farouq give an update on her last week activities.

HM Sadiya Umar Farouq Week In Review

My week began with my attendance at the launch of #naptipnigeria Gender Policy which aims to institutionalize an internal gender mainstreaming strategy & to ensure its operationalization towards addressing gender gaps.

This policy will help contribute to the realization of the central goals of the FG's National Gender Policy (2008). This is critical, especially given the renewed emphasis on addressing gender concerns to ensure integration in programmings at all levels.

In 2008 the FG approved the National Gender Policy in a quest to attain a balanced society; one devoid of gender discrimination & to guarantee equal access to political, social & economic wealth creation opportunities by both genders.

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I'm positive that the launch of this Policy will complement #naptipnigeria 's operational strategies to curb gender-based violence & address gender gaps where they exist within its operations. It will also chart a new course in managing its relationships with various partners & clients.

I congratulate #naptipnigeria & commend the DG, Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim for her insightful leadership while calling on other MDAs to emulate this process by adopting and strengthening measures to mainstream gender concerns in all their activities & programmes.

On Tuesday I attended the 2nd meeting of the steering committee of the Alternate School Programme ( ASP) which is focused on ensuring that every child gains access to quality education, irrespective of social, cultural, or economic standing.

To achieve this laudable goal we have begun the collation of data of all out-of-school children across the country. Extant statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics indicate that we have about 12 million children who are currently out of school in Nigeria. We need to reverse this trend.

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Reversing the trend will require inter-ministerial collaboration & effective stakeholder engagement as well as the strategic leadership being provided by HE President Muhammadu Buhari & members of the steering committee.

It is important to note too that the FG through #fmhds & the #NSIP is working to improve household incomes for their respective families as it seeks to equip children with the requisite skills & wherewithal to engage with & contribute meaningfully to the Nigerian economy.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, we are engaging with various stakeholders to refine & strengthen the ASP Concept Note towards successful implementation of this it rammed & I look forward to its adoption & ratification by the Nat'l Steering Cttee, enable us to forge ahead.

Finally, as we celebrate Easter love especially as we pass through these tough humanitarian challenges.

Have a great week.

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