Does President Overseas Trip Complicate Npower/Nexit Commencement

Does President Overseas Trip Complicate Npower/Nexit Commencement

In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing questions that some of you are asking regarding the overseas trip of Mr President whether it will have any implications on the commencement of both Npower batch C and Nexit Programme?

Some of you have stated that any time Mr President travels, there is always a delay in effecting what is due for the Npower Volunteers until he comes back and you cited an example referring to when batches A and B were still receiving stipends.

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The fact is that Npower Programme is being managed by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, disaster management and social development with HM Sadiya Umar Farouq as the Boss. She has the power to determine the commencement of Npower batch C and Nexit Programme.

Though Mr President can order the management to do what is needed to be done when there is a delay as in the case of the previous stipends Payment of batches A and B, his overseas travel may or may not have any impact on the commencement of the Npower and Nexit Programme. He may have signed the kickoff of the programme before traveling, if not then there will be a delay.

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