If You Score Below 70 In Npower Batch C Test, Do This 5 Things

If You Score Below 70% In Npower Batch C Test, Do This 5 Things

We have seen some of the Npower batch C Applicants who scored below 70 in the ongoing Nasims portal test asking questions if the mark scored is enough to guarantee them space in the Npower Programme? What we can tell you for now is that if you have written the N-Power Batch ‘C’ test and scored below 70% do not rejoice yet, there are certain things you need to do to stand a chance of being selected.

The N-power test comprises 20 questions, which requires 20 minutes to answer all the questions. Therefore, it is expected that you spend one minute on each question. To ensure you pass the test, applicants are allowed three attempts. Check out How To Score Above 50 In Nasims Npower Batch C Test.

Some applicants performed very well in the test, while others did perform poorly.

Five Things To Do If You Score Below 70 In Npower Batch C Test
Below is what to do if you score below 70% on the N-power test.

1) Stay current with N-power's latest update: Npower discussion group will help you stay updated with the latest Npower news. You can search for the Npower discussion group on Facebook and Twitter and follow us. You can also subscribe to our blog newsletter it is free by clicking the subscribe button on our blog. This will help you get Npower information ASAP.

2) Keep Hope alive: Never give up the fact that you scored below 70% doesn’t mean you won’t be selected. So, never lose hope.

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3) Pray: Prayer is the key to every locked door. There is no problem that prayer cannot solve especially in a country like Nigeria.

4) Follow up on every Instructions: Make sure you don't miss any instructions given by Npower on the next stage of the Recruitment screening Exercise

5) Do not lose access to your NASIMS portal login details: Keep your email secure.

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