NLC Strike - 5 Things That Can Make You Money In Kaduna Today


In view of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Kaduna State chapter 5-day warning strike over the disengagement of 4,000 workers by the state government which begins on Monday in Kaduna, we have seen how people are struggling to get things done.

The Kaduna economy is in a bad shape these few days as public infrastructures are shot down. The power supply has been cut off since two days ago and all fuel filling stations are also shot down due to the NLC Strike.

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However, in as much as this current situation has put the people of Kaduna State into hardship, some people are taken advantage of the situation to make good money. We have listed categories of businesses that are making money at Kaduna this period below.

1) People who sell fuel: fuel business is booming for black marketers at this moment as all filling stations are closed. Selling of fuel will make you some cool cash.

2) Mobile Phone chargers: Due to the breakdown of the power supply, people who are into charging for mobiles phones users with the generator are making some income doing the business 

3) Water: most people are short of water because there is no electricity to pump water from the bowl hole so if you can render water supply service, you will make some cool cash.

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4) laundry: most people don't have water to wash their clothes and no electricity for ironing. So you can render laundry service at this period to make some money.

5) Transportation: People who are into the transportation business are making money due to scarcity of fuel, the transportation fee has increased. Okada and Keke Napep riders are making some cool cash.

If you come across this post and stay in Kaduna, kindly use the comment box to tell us what people are doing to earn some cash during this period.

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