US Funds West African Researchers To Commercialized Garri Production

The US Mission Nigeria on his Twitter page stated that the United States is funding breakthrough research on garri production to support nutritional improvement in West Africa.


According to the tweet, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the American Soybean Association are supporting West African researchers to commercialize using soy flour In processing garri.

Undoubtedly Garri is Nigeria's most popular staple food. This innovative research is leading to scientific breakthroughs with huge potential to reduce iron deficiency anemia & protein-energy malnutrition.

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However, as much as this is a good Development, it will be very nice if they can see the possibility of directly Training the youths in this soy processing. We have capable hands that are ready to work with you on this project here in Nigeria.

Our youths are talented it's only not been properly harnessed for the right purpose. We have people u can train to train others. You people should just be in charge of the finance cause these might draw government attention and challenge beyond the youth who should benet might come.

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