Why Govt Must Invest In Co-working Space To Grow Startup In Nigeria


As more people are becoming aware of the need of starting a business, so also it is very important that government and the private sector must invest in Co-working spaces to further encourage small businesses to grow.

Most people in Nigeria work remotely from home and may need to upgrade their work environment due to situations like lack of electricity, getting lonely, and other distractions while working from home.

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Investing in coworking space as the demand increases in Nigeria will help young Nigerians who are into freelancing and other small businesses that might want to use coworking space increase productivity, flexibility, networking, Community engagement, time, and work balancing, etc.

As the government continues to Empower the youths and also encouraging entrepreneurship, it is necessary that they must Partner with privates organizations to make coworking space available for youths across the country running small businesses to create a conducive working environment and help reduce the cost of running a business from an office.

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Co-working space is a term used to describe neutral spaces where people go to work on independent projects without depending on one another. Unlike in a typical office, the people in a co-working space may not be working for the same company or enterprise, and they may not even know one another prior to meeting in the work environment.

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