How To Know A Hacked Npower Applicant Nasims Portal Profile


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing How To Know A Hike Npower Applicants Nasims Portal Profile. This is as a result of the question some of you are asking regarding some fishy experience you noticed in your profile.

Some of you complained that you noticed that your biometrics fingerprint verification has been done without your knowledge by someone else, so we decided to create this post to share with you what might have possibly happened.

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How To Know A Hacked Npower Applicant Nasims Portal Profile
If you notice the following, your account may be hacked:

a. When you login and see that your records have been changed entirely (This can also be as a result of website functionality)

b. When you noticed that someone has conducted biometrics without your knowledge

c. When you try to login with your details and noticed that the portal no longer recognizes your login details (bad network can also cause this)

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If you experience such a situation, the following might have been the reasons:

1) You probably might have imputed your login details to a fake Npower Nasims portal thereby exposing your details to scammers.

2) Someone you know or that has your login details might have done that without your knowledge. In this case, try to Confirm from your friends, family members, cyber cafe operator you might have visited for your Nasims portal update if they did it.

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Nevertheless, if you noticed any anomalies in your Npower Nasims profile, you can contact the Npower Nasims Portal Support team via email [email protected] or call 018888340, 018888189

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  1. Have been trying to login and it is showing incorrect password and I want to reset my password link for reset was not sent to my email


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