Minister Breakdown How Npower Batch C Applicants Were Shortlisted


In today's latest Npower news - Humanitarian affairs Minister Breakdown How Npower Batch C Applicants Were Shortlisted. According to the minister, the reason some applicants scored high but were not selected was as a result of their geographical locations. Applications were considered base on scores and population for the first stream, She said.

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The Minister explained that if the population of applicants of an area are over the specific number of 1000 in local government A. Only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected.

But if local Government B has a population that its number of applicants are less than a 1000 Applicants. Even if an applicants of Npower scored 0% or 35% he or she can still be selected so as to balance the needed number that is expected to meet in the programme.

The Minister added that, second stream of selection for batch C will begin on the 15/6/2021. That applications will still be considered from 45% to 65% in the second stream of Batch C stream 2 programme.

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Applicants can start checking their mail box or check the N power official site on the 15 June, 2021 while selection will last till 21 June, 2021. And then physical verification for Batch C stream 2 will commence on the 25 June, 2021 till 30 June.

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  1. Hi,

    Please what is the faith of people like me whose score's mark has disappeared? Any hope?

  2. i score 95% and i was not selected if we have to follow what the minister said. could you please revisit my case


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