Nasims Profile - What Npower Shortlisted Applicants Mustn't Do B4 Deployment


We have received a couple of questions from some shortlisted NPower batch C Applicants regarding their interest to change State and local government areas in their profile due to relocation. So we decided to answer their question by creating this post. So read on!

One thing you must understand is that there is no relocation in the NPower programme. Applicants are selected and deployed to serve at their state and LGA of residence as such, Shortlisted Applicants are Selected base on local government area and State Selected during the Application Registration period.

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If para-venture you have relocated to another state or LGA within your Selected state and you are thinking of making a correction to reflect on your NPower Nasims portal profile. Do not do that if you have been shortlisted.

Wait until you have been deployed to your place of primary assignment then contact your state focal person for a change of location rather than editing your profile now that is late.

Remember that each of the local government areas was allocated a specific number of Applicants Shortlisted for the Npower batch C. Affecting change on nasims profile now before deployment will be risky.

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  1. My friend have being shortlisted, but the problem is that, he didn't upload his birth certificate but his BVN is correct and other required documents all are correct. Hope no problem?

  2. Dear Sir,

    I write to complaint that someone made fingerprint of the nasims biometric on my account.

    To the best of my knowledge I did not make a fingerprint all: this while but someone hack my account and made a fingerprint in my account.

    I wish the management of the NASIMS should take all the necessary measures to bring back my account so that I will do the fingerprint.



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