Facebook Rolling Out Reward Platform For Creators To Earn A Living


Facebook Rolling Out Reward Platform For Creators To Earn A Living - According to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, they are rolling out a reward program for millions of content creators on Facebook through 2022. He stated this yesterday on his Facebook page. See details below:

Mark Zuckerberg wrote:

want to build the best platforms for millions of creators to make a living, so we're creating new programs to invest over $1 billion to reward creators for the great content they create on Facebook and Instagram through 2022. Investing in creators isn't new for us, but I'm excited to expand this work overtime. More details soon.

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He also revealed an Interesting milestone from the brain-computer interface team that Facebook supported at UCSF: a research participant with severe speech loss was able to communicate through an interface that identifies what he’s attempting to say by decoding brain signals sent from his motor cortex to his vocal tract. This has never been done before, and it's great to see different neuroscience approaches to interfaces making big steps forward (as well as our work understanding signals brains sends to motor neurons on our wrists). Congrats to the UCSF team on this progress!

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