How To Start A Foodstuff Delivery Business From Home

Food Business - How To Start A Foodstuff Delivery Business From Home - Today we will be sharing a startup idea for some of you who are contemplating on a business to start remotely from home. So sit back relax and enjoy the update.


I have been working on this business plan for quite some time now. And as Admin of Npower Discussion Group, I see it nice to share the idea with you guys hoping that it will help you a big deal.

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I have developed a foodstuff delivery startup plan where people who are busy with their schedule and can not go to the market to buy foodstuff and other things contact me to help them buy fresh foodstuff from the market and have it delivered personally to them at their home or office. So I decided to share it with you so that you can tap from my plan.

How this can be done?
Follow the steps below to set up your fresh foodstuff delivery business from the comfort of your home:

1. Do a market survey by going to the market to check out prices of foodstuff and where you can buy the goods to deliver to your customers.

2. Take pictures of this fresh food you will like people to order from you.

3. Create a landing page using a free WordPress or blogger social sharing platform or design an e-commerce website and upload those images you snapped. If you can't create an e-commerce website by yourself, you can contact a professional web designer to create one for you.

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4. Create pages across all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. And link them to your landing page or eCommerce website where your goods are displayed.

5. Promote your foodstuff delivery business on your social media pages so that people can get to know your business and begin to order your service.

If they place an order, you go to the market, buy the goods and deliver it to them in their home or place of work as preferred by the customer. You can either charge them for delivery or place a price for service rendered.

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