20 Things Un-shortlisted Npower Applicants Can Do To Earn More Than 30k A Month


In today's latest Npower news - We will be telling you 20 Businesses that unsuccessful NPower Applicants can start to earn more than Npower monthly stipends with Just a Laptop, Internet, and Personal Discipline.

So many of you think that the only way to become successful is by working in a government or private organization. This mindset has Rendered Many people poor. But today will be list out businesses you can start to make the kind of money that you can make either as an NPower volunteer or an employee in the public/private sector.

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20 Things Un-shortlisted Npower Applicants Can Do To Earn More Than 30k A Month:

  1. Online marketing 
  2. Web designer 
  3.  Blogger 
  4.  Shopify merchant 
  5.  SEO Optimisation 
  6.  Survey taker 
  7.  Online tutor 
  8.  Virtual PA (more popular than you think)
  9.  Product reviewer 
  10.  Remote customer service provider
  11.  YouTuber 
  12.  eBay seller 
  13.  App creator 
  14.  Amazon trader 
  15.  Dropshipping 
  16.  Online music reviewer
  17.  Project writer 
  18.  Affiliate marketer 
  19.  Podcaster 
  20.  CV/Resume writer

Now that we have listed out 20 businesses you can start with little or no capital, it is now left for you to pick a business from the list above that you are interested in and go do more research on "Google search" to learn more.

Note that it is not all Applicants that applied for the NPower Programme will be selected. Read also 800K Npower Batch C Applicants Will Not Make It To The Promise Land

If you are Selected good but if you are not Selected, don't feel disappointed move on to better things that will add value to your life. The businesses listed above can.

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