Npower News - Ignore The No BVN Data On Your Profile


The Management of Npower Nasims portal has advised prospective Npower batch C Volunteers to Ignore The No BVN Data that appeared On some Profile. This comes after some prospective volunteers noticed some changes on their Nasims portal profile.

As a result of this situation, some applicants begin to panic as some of them decided to contact the NPower Nasims portal support team to find out what the problem is, and the support team responded as followed.

Hello, Thanks for contacting NASIMS (N-Power)
We sincerely apologize for the issues this may have caused due to network issues. Kindly disregard the No BVN Data on your profile please note that your BVN has been validated on our self-service portal as you have no cause to worry.

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So if you are among applicants who noticed this issue on your profile, kindly ignore it. There is no need to panic.

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