What Prospective Npower And Nexit Beneficiaries Wished For Today


In today's latest Npower news - Prospective Npower And Nexit Beneficiaries list out what they wish comes through Today in an engaged discussion on one of their networking community.

According to the prospective Npower batch, C and the Nexit Scheme applicants batches A and B, what they wish to come through today is:

1. For Prospective Npower batch C: they want the government to kickstart the enrollment of beneficiaries immediately because they have waited patiently for a long time for the Programme to commence.

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2. For the Exited Npower Volunteers: their wishes today are to see the nexit scheme's management begins the Nexit opportunity Empowerment options.

These young vibrant Nigerian Youths want to get meaningfully engaged and want the government to be sincere with them because some believe that the government is toying with them.

The Npower Programme is an initiative of the Federal Government to equip Nigerian Youths with employability and entrepreneurship skills while the Nexit Scheme is to create a self-reliant opportunity for the Exited Npower Volunteers.

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